Star Sunday is an event that many families in Victoria make a point of returning to each year in December, as they are given the opportunity to explore new and exciting ways to create Christmas crafts from beautiful natural materials. Star Sunday is filled with gentle fun and exploration and begins for most visitors as they arrive to the sight and sound of the crackling outdoor fire and the outdoor waffle stall. All around, included are many ways to make new and appealing gifts, such as oranges spiked with cloves, jars of spicy bath salts, small woodwork decorations, candles and home-made cards, and wrapping paper.

Each station is supervised by an adult. Children of all ages are welcome and soft music is available for parents when they need a moment’s rest! Star Sunday takes place on the church property located at Begbie Street and Belmont Avenue in the heart of Fernwood. Attendance is free – donations are welcome. We hope that everyone will feel welcome to join us for an afternoon filled with the true spirit of Christmas.