Enjoy tea and home-baking while learning about political, cultural and social issues.

The next Tea Talk is January 14th, on Religion and Sensory Experience in the Late Medieval Italian City.

Medieval urban dwellers’ daily visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile experience was deeply affected by their Christian culture. In this multi-sensory presentation, Dr. Brian Pollick will discuss how medieval Christians understood the five senses and show us how religious thought and practice affected the specific sensory experiences of Christian urban inhabitants in late-medieval Italy. How our present-day comparatively sanitized urban sensory environment affects us as spiritual beings will also be discussed.

Tea Talks offer the opportunity to broaden one’s understanding, over tea and home-baked scones, about political, cultural and social issues impacting us today and tomorrow. Previous topics have included Faith & Politics, the refugee crisis, Right to Die legislation, the simple life, the question of evil, the music of the old testament, Exploring the Beatitudes and more! Admission is by donation. Everyone is welcome! 

Upcoming Dates:

Jan 14: Dr. Brian Pollick | Religion and Sensory Experience in the Late Medieval Italian City

February 18: Rick Morrison | Volunteering a Year in Ghana

April 21: Jessica Ziakin-Cook | To Be Announced

September 8: Nelson Aiken | Youth and Religion

October 13: Clark Scheibe | Countering Christian Stereotypes

November 17: Dr. Paul Teel | On Science and Religion

Recent talks include a talk on children's formation and spirituality from our Community Life Minister Jasmin O'Brian, and a talk on Dealing With Trauma in Late-Medieval Florence--Judgement, Compassion and Redemption, in which Dr. Brian Pollick took us through a unique manuscript by Domenico Lenzi, called Lo specchio umano (the Mirror of Humanity). The manuscripts were created in response to periods of severe famine and devastating floods in recent Florentine history.

Here are posters of some recent Tea Talks:

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