Our family and child-centred ministries are central to the life of our community.

We believe that children already have a relationship with God; that the Holy Spirit is active in every child’s life.  It is our responsibility to help nurture that relationship; to help the child grow in reverence, thoughtfulness, and generosity of heart; and to give them a lasting sense of their important place in the Body of Christ.

We believe that God meets us sacramentally – that means, in matter, material things, as well as in spirit.  We therefore provide our children opportunity to work with things of beauty that they might experience God with all their senses.  Therefore, in their imaginative play and creative work, we insist on only using natural materials, things that are valuable and have worth. What the children do in Sunday School, for example – their crafting, their learning, their listening, their playing, their artwork, even their clean-up – is their offering to God: it is their service and their prayer.