About Our Pipe Organ

Our pipe organ is both a beautifully crafted work of art and the perfect instrument for our musical repertoire. Built in 1990 by renowned builder John Brombaugh & Associates of Eugene, Oregon as his opus 31-f, it was the last of a batch of six built to this design.  This one-manual Pipe Organ of 362 pipes is modeled closely on North German chamber organs of the early seventeenth century, and is one of very few of its type in North America.  With nine ranks of pipes voiced to historical principles and tuned in an authentic 17th Century meantone temperament, it certainly is one of the finest organs of its kind in Canada.  It perfectly complements the singing of early liturgical music, as well as contemporary repertoire. The organ was installed in the St Barnabas choir loft in December 1990 and was first used on Christmas Eve.  Its case is of fumed Appalacian white oak, western red cedar, zebra wood and ebony. Oak carvings above the facade pipes represent acanthus leaves, vinca and plum blossoms, all of which happen to grow near the church.