The work of the Sanctuary and Servers Guild is one of the most visible forms of lay service at St Barnabas. We assist the clergy before, during and after the Mass, and other church services. As well, by performing our duties in an attentive, reverent manner, we seek to help the congregation move through the liturgy in Holy Worship. Before the Mass, the servers guild light candles, set out the sacred objects and service materials, and assist the clergy in their vesting and prayers.  During the service, we perform such roles and duties as crucifer (bearing the Cross, ringing the sanctuary bells); acolytes (carrying candles, setting and clearing the Altar); thurifer (bearing the thurible, censing); MC (carrying the Gospel Book, guiding others); and lay Chalice-bearer (assisting in the Communion). After Mass we say final prayers and do clean up. We welcome any who feel called to serve God and the congregation of St. Barnabas through a ministry with the Sanctuary and Servers Guild.