Support The Ministry of Saint Barnabas' Church

There are many reasons to support the work and ministry of St. Barnabas Church, even if you are not currently regularly attending.

Outreach: If you, for example, are moved by the wonder of the Friday Communion, contributions to enable us to provide more food vouchers would be most welcome.  We started giving out ten $10 vouchers per week following the Friday morning mass, and now distribute seventeen, but we would dearly love to be able to give more.

Music: Or perhaps you have a love for the tradition of choral music offered here.  Our choral scholarships enable young musicians, typically university music students, to train in this tradition with our choir. If you would like to help fund these scholarships, not only would we be grateful, but so will be others in years to come.

Community Life: Or perhaps you would like to encourage our ministries to children, families, and seniors.  There is a great need for creative and thoughtful ways to engage young hearts and minds in the mystery of the 'good news' of Christ, God with us.  We are always encouraged by the faith of seniors, and have special programs in which they can share their experience and expertise, and, most importantly, support their participation and integration to our community.

May we all be good stewards of the gifts that God has given us.

We thank you in His name.

Donate to any of St. Barnabas' funds online through Canada Helps.

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Donations can be made online through CanadaHelps.