Corpus Christi Solemn Evensong and Benediction: June 15th, 7pm

Parish Picnic: June 11th, Stadacona Park, after the 10:30 mass

Everyone is invited to celebrate our community at our annual parish picnic. We will Barbecue hotdogs and hamburgers (veg options too!) and this year we are adding pony rides to our usual host of games and activities. Everyone is welcome, please feel free to bring a friend or neighbor! Please note: this year we are asking everyone to bring their own plate, to cut down on waste, and simplify clean-up! Picnic blankets and camping chairs are also recommended.




Past Events:

Preschool Presentation and Vote: May 28th, after the 10:30 mass

On Sunday, May 28th, directly following the 10:30 Mass, parishioners are invited and encouraged to attend a presentation by the provisional board of the proposed Preschool project. We will hear from the provisional board of the preschool with regards to the financial & legal viability & safety of the project, followed by a parish vote to endorse the formation of the preschool. Voting (by paper ballot) will open after the presentation and continue until after lunch Sunday, June 4th. Voting can also be done midweek online by emailing the parish administrator.

The motion we will be voting on is the following:

In order:

a) to create an outreach ministry by which to serve the Greater Victoria community to the Glory of God;

b) to create a stream of revenue aimed to help support the parish of St. Barnabas;

c) to make relationships by which to encourage the growth of the church;

the membership of the Church of St. Barnabas supports the creation of a non-profit society, The River: St. Barnabas Preschool, which will, as a legal entity separate from the church, develop and operate a preschool.

Click the following links to download supporting material:

3) River Preschool cash flow projection May 26, 2017

Sunday Sanctuary, May 7th, 4 pm

This month’s focus: Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Our family service in which we creatively explore the sacred with music, storytelling, and hands-on stations in the church.

Time to Play, Saturday, May 6th, 7pm

Screening of a film about a Waldorf Preschool on Salt Spring Island, with Kim Hunter, Waldorf Educator. For parishioners, parents,

educators and everybody interested in the proposal to open a preschool at St. Barnabas.    (Poster)

Kim Hunter, the film’s producer, has been working with young children her whole life, but formally in the classroom for the last two decades. The 45 minute documentary film stems from her concerns about the ways our culture is orienting our thoughts about what is best for children. “My hope with this film is that it can be used as a ‘spring board’ for conversations about what we might do better in the area of meeting the developmental needs of the early years of childhood.”

“I hear a lot about ‘quality time'”, says Hunter, “but I am a firm believer that ‘quantity time’ is what is needed for young children to have the best opportunity to develop their fullest potential. Children need to have lots of time to play, to move and to socialize. The ideal environment is simple and has materials that the children can use and transform to their hearts’ content, building, enacting, socializing, connecting – with others or with themselves. Our days are so over scheduled that the opportunities for ‘down time’ for most people just don’t exist in a healthy way anymore, the biggest effects of this imbalance are on the youngest ones among us who are victims of our society’s speed and competitiveness. We need to slow down, for the benefit of all.”

Time to Play features interviews with a medical doctor who is in Family Practice and a retired teacher who specialized in reading challenges and taught all ages in the public school system over a thirty year career. The visual images are from Hunter’s mixed-age Waldorf (3-6 year-olds) kindergarten class on Salt Spring Island.

Documentary Film Series with Filmmaker Hilary Pryor

Parishioner Hilary Pryor is the founder of May Street productions and has a lovely collection of international awards to show for her two decades of production. As versatile as a Swiss army knife, Hilary transitions seamlessly between writing, directing, producing and editing TV, feature films and interactive content.

 A Change of Mind

By exploring the stories of brain injury survivors, their caseworkers, leading neuropsychologists, and the judicial system, A Change of Mind reveals the huge and largely unknown impact of brain injury – not just on the individual and their family – but society itself, and highlights pervasive need for social and institutional change to support survivors.

Taking Back the Years

Aging is inevitable…or is it?  And if it is, do we ‘age gracefully’ or fight back?   What choices are available for pursuing longevity?  And how does this search reflect ethical and spiritual values?

Count To Twelve To Forgive…Divine

Count To Twelve tells the story of Ana, who, in her 80s is imprisoned within a paralyzed body, unable to communicate. She occupies her mind recalling the poems of her beloved poet, Pablo Neruda, from her native land. While being transferred to a Long Term Care facility, she encounters Jonas a lonely ten year-old, and a strange bond is formed between them.

The second film examines the concept of forgiveness from the perspective of several world religions, secular thinkers and intimate personal stories. These stories, interwoven with rituals of Judaism’s Yom Kippur and the Christian Sacrament of Reconciliation, demonstrate forgiveness in a variety of human situations. Filmed in part at St. Barnabas!

 Moosemeat and Marmalade

Moosemeat & Marmalade brings together two contrasting chefs: Bush Cook, Art Napoleon, and classically trained British Chef, Dan Hayes, explore and compare Indigenous and European culture and cuisine.together in an informative and highly entertaining exploration of culinary traditions and really good food.