Sunday Sanctuary is our monthly family service. It takes place on the first Sunday of the month in the afternoon

The Sunday Sanctuary service does not normally include the Eucharist.  Nevertheless, it focuses on a sacramental appreciation of our faith and worship. Through different “hands-on” stations children and adults are invited to explore the word of God with all their senses.  We learn to know that God meets us in the things of His creation.

A highlight is the celebration of seasonal festivities like Candlemas, St. Martin or Michaelmas to name just a few. For Michealmas we made a big dragon head and during the service some of the older children walked in as the living dragon with smoking nostrils (incense) and a long golden body (5 children in a row). The dragon was met by St. Michael and send away with the words: “Go away – you have no power in this place!” At the end of our Michealmas celebration the children ate “dragonbread” which they had shaped and baked themselves.

Sunday Sanctuary Dragon Bread Craft