The Refugee Committee at St. Barnabas is a dedicated group of individuals both from the Parish and the wider community committed to supporting families coming to Canada from various strife torn parts of the world.

We participate in fundraising and helping families negotiate the myriad of paperwork involved. We also advocate in times of delay. When newcomers arrive the refugee committee becomes very busy; securing housing, establishing local connections to places of worship, schools, health care, financial management and more paperwork. We have also been involved in providing ESL support and of course our friendship and presence during this time of transition.

This year the refugee committee had the joy of supporting 2 government sponsored families from Syria and after quite a delay our own family (2 Adults and 4 children) arrived on December 16th.

The spiritual resources of this work depend on relying on something bigger than ourselves. There are moments of uncertainty, and restlessness but we rely on Gods grace. As a group we have stumbled through many things and the work is challenging, time consuming but full of love.

If you would like to join this important ministry, please be in touch with our refugee coordinator. You can call the office at (250) 595-4324.

You can also follow our work on our webpage: