St. Barnabas holds Lent and Advent Series on a variety of topics concerning faith and spirituality to help deepen our experience of God and our understanding of these sacred seasons.

Past Lent and Advent series have included; Instruction on prayer, the relationship of art and faith, the prophets of the Old Testament, the Nicene Creed and the letters of St. Paul.

Lent 2017

The Spirituality of Aging

Time: Thursday noon time  (12-1pm) .

Dates: March 9th-April 6th

Location: St. Barnabas Church Hall

Please bring a bag lunch. coffee and tea provided.

Documentary Films by Hilary Pryor

Time: Monday evenings 7-9pm

Dates: February 27th – March 20th

Location: St. Barnabas Church

Quiet Days

Quiet days allow us to sink more deeply into the beauty of the liturgical season. Quiet days in the past have been an opportunity to look at sacred chanting, contemplative prayer, silence, poetry, common prayer and other topics. These days apart allow us to slow down and re-orient our lives around God’s time and sacred rhythm. Quiet days happen either at the Parish or in collaboration with groups such as the Emmaus Community or the Sisters of St John the Divine.