St Barnabas Elders’ Network

Our secular society teaches us to think about aging as only a fearful time of diminishment, loss, grief, and death.  Our Christian tradition, however, teaches us to follow Christ into the dark and grace-filled mystery of the cross until we are transformed. The St. Barnabas Elders’ Network is a natural outgrowth of our concern  and care for one another as we pass through life’s later stages.

It seeks to do the following:
• Build community through providing opportunities for occasional shared meals, friendship and companionship.
• Provide a forum for real conversations and discussions in a safe environment as we seek to access God’s grace in aging and dying.
• Provide assistance in answering questions regarding health and logistical advocacy.
• Provide assistance to accessing community and health supports and day-to-day services to help seniors in their homes
• Provide transportation support when needed

If you are interested in finding out more about taking part in the elders’ network, or if you have a loved one or neighbour who might benefit from this service, please contact the Parish office.   To find out about upcoming events, look at our Events page.