Candlelit ComplineSt Barnabas celebrates Candlelit Compline at 8:00pm on the third Sunday of every month

During the service, the Church is illuminated only by candlelight. Candles decorate the whole interior, but light especially the icons set up to help rest our hearts and minds in meditation.

The Compline Choir sings almost the entire service. The monastic chant breaks occasionally into sparkling polyphony, and the congregation is invited simply to be washed in the beauty of the music and the stillness.

Compline dates back to the beginning of the 6th Century and the Order of St Benedict. The name derives from the Latin completorium, as Compline marked the ‘completion’ of the daily offices, the round of monastic prayer.

At St Barnabas, Compline is an offering of peace and thanksgiving that takes us out of the hectic pace of modern life. The darkness and the beauty create a space for quiet introspection, a space where we are invited to draw near to the God who draws us near Him – in the night that follows day, in the greater night that follows life.

No one, no matter what their age, their ‘exposure’ to Church, or even their beliefs, seems to leave Compline untouched, unchanged. If you have never set foot in a Church before, Compline may just be a good place to start. Please, invite a neighbour or friend.