Michael Jarvis, Director of Music

One month from my writing this is Christmas Eve. That means thirty-one potential shopping days!

There, I thought that would grab your attention! Before you launch into the mayhem of our 21st century post-modern commercialized Christmas, and to steel you for against the ubiquitous Christmas music and stressed-out crowds, come and join us on Sunday, December 3rd at 7.30 pm for our beautiful Advent Lessons and Carols Service. Gorgeous music by Tallis, Willan, and the 16th-century composer John Redford, and inspiring readings and hymns and carols for the season; perfect to prepare you for the upcoming Christmas Season.

Our Lessons and Carols Service follows the original of 1934, as devised by Eric Milner-White, the former Dean of King’s College, and later, Dean of York.

One particularly beautiful piece on the programme is Thomas Tallis’ “O nata lux”, a stunningly haunting hymn in 5 parts. As we have had a recent influx of men (you’ve probably been aware of the difference in the strong, lower voices in the choir on Sundays), and because this particular piece requires three men’s vocal parts (in addition to the soprano and alto parts), we are indeed fortunate to be able to sing this gorgeous piece this year. Both the Choir and I look forward to sharing this inspiring music with you.

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