Sister Jeannie Lynne

The Advent Spiral is a meaningful way to begin the Advent season as we once again make room in our hearts for the birth of Christ. Advent is a time of waiting and preparation. Realistically it is also a busy season with many demands on our time. It is important to find ways to ground our selves in what restores us. Rituals enable us to experience the Holy in fresh new ways. Our sense of community is strengthened by coming together for these ordinary yet extraordinary encounters with the Divine.

I have been fortunate to walk many different labyrinths around the world. Each has offered its own unique experience. I walked the Advent Spiral last year and would like to share some of my experience. We commenced the evening with an enchanting story telling session, opening the heart to a sense of wonder which is so often lost in adulthood. We gathered around the Advent Spiral embracing the gentle ambience beckoning us to be truly present to this God-given moment. We supported each other through silence, prayer and meditation while taking turns walking the labyrinth. Once at the centre we lit our own candle and spent some time in prayer and reflection. The act of reverently taking the light back out to the world was sacred for me, symbolising the sharing of Christ’s light.

The labyrinth is found across many cultures and religions, taking various forms but always has a path that leads to the centre and back out to the world. There are many ways to walk the labyrinth and books have been written to enhance one’s experience. The labyrinth can reflect our life journey as we seek to find our way and in walking the Advent Spiral I had the sense that I had truly walked on Holy Ground.

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