All Souls’ Day: The service for All Souls Day will be Thursday, November 2nd at 7pm. If you have lost a loved one, this is the service to remember and give thanks for his or her life. Photos of the deceased are being collected by the children to decorate, frame and put out in the church for that night. If you have a photo of a loved one that you would like included in this project, please bring one into the office (it will be scanned, reprinted and returned to you), or email it to the office.

All Saints Halloween Saturday: Come on a journey through the dark and hidden corners of our church, facing the shadow of death and celebrating the Communion of Saints. Potluck dinner at 6. Registration is now open for this family event email the office, or contact Jasmin O’Brian, our community life minister.

The Anglican Synthesis: Fr. Kim Murray’s series of lectures on the history of Anglicanism continues this week on Tuesday, October 17th, at 7:30pm.

Theology on Tap: Meets this week at the home of Bethany Murphy and Nathan Janz. Carpooling available from the 7pm Mass. We will review the material we have looked at so far, before turning to Giotto’s frescoes of the seven Catholic virtues. Please help yourself to previous readings and discussion notes from the hall bulletin board. They are also available on our website: look for “Theology on Tap” under the Parish Life tab.

October 16th, 7pm: Our former curate, Mother Meagan Crosby-Shearer, will be inducted as rector at St. Matthias.

Housekeeping Sunday: at lunch next Sunday, we are asking the parish’s help in repairing, reclaiming and disposing of all the odds and ends that collect around the church. If you are handy or able to take a load to WIN or to the dump, please consider staying after lunch to help.

The Lay Pastoral Care Ministry: If you are willing and able to cook freezable meals for our ministry to distribute, we are now able to reimburse for the cost of food, thanks to a generous financial donation. Speak with Alison Lockhart for more information.

Regional Gathering for Synod: All interested laity are invited to the regional gathering for Synod. Our delegates, rector, and wardens will be attending the one at St. Andrew’s church, Sidney on Saturday, October 21st, from 11-2pm. Please consider coming along, and contact the office if you’d like to join the carpool.

Save the Dates: help yourself to a St. Barnabas events sheet from the hall bulletin board!

  • November 11th St. Martin’s Day Lantern Walk
  • November 26th Tea Talk with Mary-Ruth and Loren Wilkinson

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