April 30th, 3-4:30pm in the hall; and Wednesdays in May, 3rd & 10th , 7:45 in the Church

The Beatitudes provide both a description of and a prescription for discipleship. They reveal a progression of spiritual ascent from conversion toward maturity. When viewed at as a more or less random list they have worth (of course!), but conceived systematically they can show a stepwise development. The disciple is challenged; the challenge, when met, leads to insight and growth in the Spirit. Thus we are prepared to meet the next challenge.

The Beatitudes are descriptive in that once seeing this progression we find something familiar; we have already been walking down this road. But we may also take these eight coupled phrases of the Master as a prescription for growth. That is we can proactively and meditatively consider them in turn, and so use them to both see how we have come along the Way, and also how we might see our way more clearly.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit,” is the obvious beginning of discipline. The Socratic axiom, “Knowledge of ignorance is the beginning of wisdom,” shows this is quite a natural truth. In contrast starting with “Blessed are the merciful” say, would make the Beatitudes a simple list of virtues and corresponding blessings.

This is just a taste of the order to be found. I hope in these presentations to show the integrity of the Beatitudes as a tool for moral-spiritual growth. As with our first example, this development proceeds organically, expressing the Natural Law of the Spirit.

I hope to see you there.

Scott Henthorn


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